Crumb rubber

Our tire recycling technology cuts and shreds scrap tires through an emission-free process. The result is, a high quality crumb rubber that is ready to be re-manufactured into new green products. 
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Crumb Rubber is packaged in super sacks and, on a skid, weighing about 2600 lbs.

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Recycled crumb rubber can be used in a number of applications including playgrounds, floor mats, soundproof wall barriers, automotive products, roofing, athletic turf fields and more. The product is resilient, will virtually last forever, and is weather proof.

Recycled crumb rubber also contributes to a circular economy by keep a valuable resource in continuous use. Emterra Tire Recycling processes more than 30,000 tons of recycled crumb rubber annually. It takes a product that has seemingly reached the end of its intended life and prepares it for use in another application – extending product’s life and contributing to a circular economy.

Crumb rubber
Crumb rubber
Crumb rubber
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• Commercial Product Manufacturing
• Consumer Product Manufacturing
• Molding Product Manufacturing
• Leisure Facilities
• Playground Manufacturing


Standard Volumes
Crumb Rubber is sold by the pound in super sacks
Standard Skid Lengths
N / A
Standard Wall Heights
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