Emterra Group of companies offers municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional customers with a full range of collection, disposal, recycling, resources recovery, marketing and compliance services

Recycling orgnics waste management

Recycling, organics, waste management and circular economy solutions

Emterra Environmental offers municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional customers, with a fully integrated approach to collecting, processing and marketing of packaging and paper products, organics, waste disposal, bulk and yard waste materials.

At Emterra Environmental, we use our 15+ material recovery facilities and our fleet of more than 550 trucks to be a leader and innovator in the waste resource sector and circular economy. We have diverted more than 95 million metric tonnes of waste from the landfill, and annually ship more than 500,000 metric tonnes of recyclables to end-markets, to be re-manufactured into new green products.

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Tire recycling

Tire recycling

Emterra Tire Recycling (ETR) recovers and recycles 96% of each and every tire that comes through our door, guaranteed!

Emterra tire recycling
Confidential product and liquid destruction

Confidential product and liquid destruction

Canadian Liquids Processors (CLP) manages the disposal and confidential destruction of unusable consumer products and liquids due to overruns, stale dates or product recalls.

Canadian liquids processors
Organics recycling

ReFUSE Resource Recovery

ReFUSE provides full-service organics recycling for businesses including hotels, restaurants, grocers and institutions. Through a commitment to preserving resources while creating local, sustainable jobs, ReFUSE is saving businesses money by diverting more waste from the landfill.

Proud of their local connections and partnerships, ReFUSE works with the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association, is a founding ‘Charter’ member of the Values Based Business Network and is a member of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. Through these networks, ReFUSE helps to educate members on ways to lessen the environmental impacts of their business and helps food establishments source organic, seasonal and locally farmed food.

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Recycling, organics and waste management solutions

Recycling, organics and waste management solutions

Emterra Environmental USA transforms waste into resources and is proud to serve communities across the State of Michigan.

Emterra environmetal USA
Compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions

Compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions

Ryse Solutions Inc. works with producers and packaging suppliers to provide compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions to meet ever-changing regulatory and sustainability demands. Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in circular economy solutions, including the design, implementation and management of producer responsibility programs. These cover a broad range of materials, such as tires, waste electronics, hard-to-recycle packaging and batteries.

Backed by a well-developed network of collection, processing and end-market assets, we also offer solutions to producers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging suppliers. These include understanding the flow of material in recycling facilities, research and development on the 'recyclability' of consumer plastic packaging and paper products, as well as the development and optimization of commodity end-markets.

Plastics recycling

Plastics recycling

ReVital Polymers creates high value re-manufactured plastic products for the commercial, industrial, agricultural and automotive industries. As a partner organization of Emterra Group, ReVital is the first facility in Canada - and one of the newest and most advanced facilities in North America - that combines a Container Recovery Facility and a Plastics Recovery Facility in one location. This solution makes ReVital a stable, dependable end-market for plastic packaging and products recovered in municipal, industrial, commercial and institutional recycling programs.

ReVital is also part of the Circular Polymers Group – North America’s largest plastics recycling consortium, which includes ReVital, Merlin Plastics and Emterra Group. This group sees waste materials differently – as something to be recovered and used continuously in a circular economy.


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Metric tonnes of waste diverted by Emterra

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