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Frequently Asked Questions – Emterra Environmental

Emterra wants you to have all the information you need at your fingerprints, so we’ve put together answers to our most frequently asked questions. Some of our answers will vary depending on the services offered in your area – be sure to consult your local municipality's waste management resources.


Missed Collections

If your recycling was not picked up, please contact your local Emterra office as soon as possible to notify our team. Upon providing your address, our teams will ensure that your waste is picked up in a timely manner. For a list of Emterra locations, visit: https://www.emterra.ca/pages/our-locations.

Holiday Collections

Holiday collection schedules vary per city and holiday. Consult your municipality’s collection schedule for detailed updates on your curbside collection.

Regular Collections

You will find a copy of your collection schedules below based on location. Please note that sometimes, due to extenuating circumstances, pickup dates and times may vary.

British Columbia




Bins & Containers

My bins were damaged post-collection. What can I do about this?

Please contact your local Emterra office to provide further details, along with visual confirmation of your broken bins. New bins are provided on a case-by-case basis.

For a list of locations, visit: https://www.emterra.ca/pages/our-locations

What types of bins/containers do you have for sale/rental?

At Emterra, we offer the following:

See all our products here: https://www.emterra.ca/collections


I’d like to leave a review for an Emterra site.

We appreciate all feedback to help develop and improve our services. To submit feedback of on one of our sites or employees, please email info@emterra.ca with further details. You can also leave a Google Review for a particular Emterra site by searching for the site on Google.

I’d like to file a complaint against an Emterra driver.

Safety is of the utmost importance to us at Emterra. If you’ve had an unsafe experience with one our crew members, please email info@emterra.ca with further details including time and location, and the truck number if possible.