Compactors allow users to pack a large quantity of material into a small amount of space - up-to a 4:1 ratio.
Cubic Yards
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Price is dependent on size, product type being disposed and frequency of pick-up.

No hazardous materials, tires, propane cylinders, paint cans or fluorescent lights.

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Requiring as little as a single car parking spot, a compactor reduces waste volume and collection pick-up frequency. Do you have large quantities of wet waste like food, plant and leaf and yard waste? What about paper, cardboard, wood and other dry waste? Are larger items, skids and packaging taking up too much space at your location?

Our series of compactors can handle your large volume waste management needs – available for purchase, rent, or rent-to-own, and with full-service maintenance programs.

Our Clients

• Construction sites
• Manufacturing facilities
• Commercial businesses, grocery stores and shopping centers
• Homeowners and multi-family buildings
• Hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities
• Industrial complexes and institutions
• Events


Standard Volumes
14, 20, 30, 40 cubic yards
Standard Skid Lengths
N / A
Standard Wall Heights
N / A