We strive to demonstrate environmental leadership in everything we do

At Emterra we are committed to operate in a manner that promotes environmental and social sustainability across all of our divisions and locations.

While our business is faced with many important sustainability issues, we see: waste prevention, resource conservation, climate change and health, safety and wellness as our priorities. And, we advance environmental and social sustainability as a service provider, as an organization, as an employer and as a member of the community.
Wherever possible, we source and promote alternative goods, services, processes and partnerships that contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

When you see our trucks, think again!

Our Compressed Natural Gas trucks reduce greenhouse gases by 20% and reduce noise pollution by 90%. That means cleaner, greener communities.

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We divert 7,800 tractor trailer loads of organics from the landfill every year.


Our CNG fleet and resource recovery efforts are equivalent to removing 94,535 cars from the road annually.


Our Material Recovery Facilities process and market 500,000 tonnes of recyclable annually.


It would take 11,598,459 trees to absorb the amount of CO2 Emterra would emit if we were not acting sustainably.

* Results are based on 2017 calculations

Simple and sweet solutions for a greener office

Simple and sweet solutions for a greener office

Finding economical solutions to make our offices more sustainable doesn’t necessarily mean making big changes. Simple solutions and a sweet twist on traditional paper can make a big impact. At Emterra’s offices, we’ve taken a few steps that will reduce our carbon footprint.

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Community Care™

Emterra is committed to helping improve the environmental health and well-being of the communities where we live and work. Through our Community Care™ program, we donate funds to worthy local causes, heighten awareness around waste reduction and increased recycling and link community health to sustainability.

Community Care