Ontario's First Electric Collection Vehicle
Emterra Group’s and Peel Region's commitment to ecofriendly solutions that benefit both the environment and the community. Together, with Mack Trucks, we are pioneering the future of recyclable collection in Ontario. Using clean, renewable energy to power a circular economy

Zero Emissions

2 AC motors provide a combined output of 536 peak hp with no exhaust emissions and no aftertreatment systems for reduced maintenance.


Zero Diesel & Oil Changes

The clean, green environment impact of the Mack LR Electric is a zero carbon vehicle that requires no diesel or oil changes meaning less pollution and cleaner air.


Regenerative Braking

A two-stage regenerative braking also recharges batteries during the many hundreds of stops a collection truck makes in a day, even with an increasing load.

NEWS RELEASE: Peel Region and Emterra Group Launch Ontario's First Fully Electric Waste Collection Vehicle

Emterra Group and Peel Region have taken an innovative step toward a greener and more sustainable future with the launch of Ontario's first fully electric collection vehicle. The vehicle, which rolls out onto the road this Fall, will collect recyclables for Peel residents with zero carbon emissions, improved air quality, and reduced noise pollution. *News Story Publishing October 10, 2023*
The Mack LR Electric Collections Truck - An Electrifying Impact: