Emterra Tire Recycling (ETR) hauls and processes used tires in the Province of Ontario. We are committed to preventing these end-of-life products from being disposed of in our landfills or littered on our natural landscapes.

As a result of processing used tires, we have become a leading supplier of crumb rubber in Ontario. Our crumb rubber can be transformed into many fantastic recycled products, such as patio tiles, doormats and synthetic turf.

Million KGS of recycled crumb rubber

Tire types:

Motorcycle Tire

As a hauler

We provide both scheduled and on-call collection services.

We offer trailers and fully contained fire retardant bins to our customers for storage of their used tires between pick-ups.

As a processor

Our zero waste approach to resource recovery and recycling allows us to separate tires into three parts: steel, fibre and rubber - through an emission free process.

Steel is recycled and turned into new steel products.

With its high BTU rating, fibre is ideal as a clean energy alternative.

The high-quality crumb rubber manufactured in our plant is ready to be transformed into new rubber products.

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Other services

Ask your ETR representative if bundle services, for waste and recycling removal are available in your area. We can collect cardboard, recycling and other waste materials along with tires for recycling and proper disposal.

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Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

Are you a tire producer in the Province of Ontario? Have you registered with the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority (RPRA)? Have you selected a PRO to assist you in complying with Regulations? 

Emterra has created a PRO, to assist our customers to be compliant with the Regulations. Called, Ryse Solutions Inc., Ryse works with producers and packaging suppliers to provide compliance, advisory and material recovery solutions to meet the ever-changing regulatory and sustainability demands. 

If you have questions about your responsibility and requirements please contact Ryse Solutions.

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