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At Emterra Environmental, we use our 15+ material recovery facilities and our fleet of over 550 trucks to be a leader and innovator in the waste resource sector and circular economy.

We have diverted more than 95 million metric tonnes of waste from landfill and annually ship more than 500,000 metric tonnes of recyclables to end-markets to be re-manufactured into new green products.

We develop waste management best practices, produce quality recycled commodities for end markets and work with our customers helping them achieve their waste reduction goals.

We currently service customers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Michigan State.

Our services include packaging & paper products, organics, waste disposal, bulk & yard waste for homes, businesses and municipalities

Compressed Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas

Our fleets of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) collection trucks reduce greenhouse gases by 20% and noise pollution by 90%, creating greener and cleaner communities.

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A network of CNG fuelling stations allows us and our customers who operate commercial fleets of more than one vehicle, fuel up, contributing to cleaner and quieter communities in these locations.

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Fueling stations:

Mississauga, ON

Chilliwack, BC

Victoria, BC

Single stream recycling – everything in one bin: no sorting, separating or bagging

It saves time and space and it is good for the environment.

Single stream recycling is a great option for homes, businesses and governments. By choosing a single stream recycling solution, you will experience:

  • 25% higher diversion rate
  • It’s the greenest choice, one truck collects all material meaning less trips and trucks on the road
  • Upwards of 40% saving on waste disposal fees

Emterra Environmental owns and operates six single stream material recovery facilities across Canada.

Burlington, ON

Winnipeg, MB

Regina, SK

Kamloops, BC

Surrey, BC

Cumberland, BC

Waste Stream Audit

Do you know what’s in your waste? Are you sending material to the landfill that could be recycled?

Chances are, your waste contains materials that can be recovered and diverted. Learn how a waste stream audit can help you achieve your financial and environmental goals.

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