Compressed Natural Gas

Leading the way with Compressed Natural Gas in the recycling and waste collection industry

Emterra Group is a leader in the waste and recycling industry for operating alternative fuelled collection vehicles. Of the 550 vehicles in our fleet line-up, 35 per cent operate on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

“Converting our fleet to CNG was the next logical step for our organization – providing another opportunity to live our mission - to create opportunities for environmental stewardship.”

Emmie Leung

Founder and CEO


Emterra’s fleet of CNG vehicles reduce greenhouse gases by 20 per cent and noise pollution by 90 per cent – contributing to cleaner and quieter communities.

Operating in a cold  weather climate

Operating in a cold weather climate

In 2012, we opened our first CNG fuelling station for our fleet of over 60 collection vehicles in Winnipeg, MB.

This Canadian-owned and operated fleet became the largest fleet of CNG collection trucks in the world to operate in an extreme cold weather climate.

Despite an extensive search, at the time, there were no other CNG fleets operating in a cold weather climate. Learning on-the-go and by working with our partner, Cummins Westport Inc., we successfully tackled the challenging environmental conditions, ran a fleet of over 60 CNG vehicles and set the foundation and the learning tools required, for other CNG truck operators working in extreme cold weather conditions.

Emission reductions for the communities  we serve

Emission reductions for the communities we serve

We are doing our part to create a low carbon economy in the communities in which we live and work. With experience designing, constructing and operating a number of CNG fleets and fuelling stations, we can provide your organization or municipality with the expertise required to start using this cleaner source of energy. As well, we offer our well-established network of CNG fuelling stations to our customers who operate commercial fleets of more than one vehicle.

Weighing the  benefits

Weighing the benefits

Our commitment to CNG offers significant cost saving, in addition to the environmental impact and emission reductions. On an equivalent litre-to-litre basis, CNG is more economical than diesel fuel contributing to about 30 per cent fuel cost saving and overall, the trucks consume less fuel.

And, in our experience, CNG trucks operate with comparable horsepower and torque to diesel engines and are favored by drivers. Given the nature of our industry, CNG trucks have been well-suited for our fleets that travel fixed routes and return to a central yard for refuelling overnight.

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