Winner of Platinum Award from Recycling Council of Ontario

Winner of Platinum Award from Recycling Council of Ontario

October 26, 2012

Emterra awarded Platinum Award for Municipal Special Programs. The honour was shared with the Regional Municipality of Niagara for the “Make Your Contribution at the Curb” initiative, aiming to fund regional cancer treatment equipment.


Emterra Environmental and the Regional Municipality of Niagara have been honoured with the Recycling Council of Ontario’s Platinum Award in the category of Municipal Special Programs. Over 300 were in attendance at the Exhibition Place in Toronto for the awards celebration. The program is special indeed as the initiative is paying immediate dividends for the Region of Niagara and in particular, the quality of local health care.

The award winning program, “Make Your Contribution at the Curb”, was conceived and put forth by Emterra Environmental as a way to support the purchase of cancer treatment equipment for the Walker Family Centre in St. Catharines. The commitment is for up to half a million dollars over the life of the contract with Niagara Region. The premise is that for every ton of recycling Emterra collects, one dollar is contributed to the fund. With the program just underway, Emterra has provided its first contribution of

The program is unique in that it strikes an emotional note with community residents Emterra serves and thus provides a strong incentive to increase recycling efforts. The more residents participate in recycling all possible material curb side, the greater the ability the community has not only to divert more materials from landfill, but to raise money for much needed cancer treatment equipment. In short, it gives residents the power to donate to a fantastic local cause, without writing a cheque.

Emterra Environmental is growing across Canada, and has earned a reputation for seeking innovation on two fronts. First, to work towards their goal of helping communities achieve “zero waste” by diverting all materials from landfill. In many cases, “waste” can be actually remarketed or processed to create new products. Secondly, to “give back” to communities in that Emterra is privileged to service. The “Make Your Contribution at the Curb” program is one such example.

The initial success of the program in Niagara Region demonstrates that the community is supporting the initiative, where local cancer patients and loved ones will be the greatest winners.

As a Canadian leader in waste diversion and recycling for 35 years, the Emterra Group of companies continue to innovate and establish partnerships for greener, healthier communities as part of their “zero waste” mission. Emterra Group companies operate in communities across Canada.