Niagara Residents Recycle 320 Used Tires

Niagara Residents Recycle 320 Used Tires

June 11, 2012

Emterra adds $1 a tire to 'Make Your Contribution at the Curb!™' campaign
Photo of Woman Carrying Tires

NIAGARA, ON (June 11, 2012) - Despite the on again, off again rainy Saturday on June 9, Emterra Environmental in Niagara in partnership with Emterra Tire Recycling in Brampton proclaimed our first "Make Your Contribution at the Curb!™" Eco-Depot Event a success with Niagara residents and businesses bringing some 320 used truck and automobile tires for recycling.

The Eco-Depot event was flagged under Emterra Group's "Make Your Contribution at the Curb!™" campaign which pledges to donate $500,000 over the next seven years to the new Walker Family Cancer Centre now under construction at St. Catharines.

Emterra has challenged the people of Niagara to set the actual amount of the donation, which could climb past a half a million dollar mark, by recycling more blue and grey box materials. In addition, we'll donate a dollar for every tire collected in our Eco-Depot events. The next Niagara Eco-Depot Event will be held in the fall.

Visitors to the Saturday event also had the opportunity to have their tire pressure professionally checked by the 'Tire Life Check' (TLC) team. Part of Ontario Tire Stewardship, the TLC team attends events around the province to talk to people about how to get the most out of their tires, like better fuel efficiency when proper tire pressure is maintained.

"Make Your Contribution at the Curb!™" is one of Emterra's Community Care™ initiatives. We are also conducting a similar "Make Your Contribution at the Curb!™" campaign to support St. Joseph's General Hospital in Courtenay and Comox, British Columbia.