Kingston awards recycling plant operation to Emterra Environmental

Kingston awards recycling plant operation to Emterra Environmental

February 25, 2019

With its stable of 15 material recovery facilities (MRFs) located across Canada, six of them state-of-the-art single stream recycling operations, Emterra Environmental knows the business of processing recyclables from the residential and industrial-commercial-institutional (ICI) sectors efficiently and effectively.

Emterra’s commitment to produce consistently high quality, recovered commodities is part of the reason why the City of Kingston has awarded the contract to operate the recycling plant in its Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC) on Lappan’s Lane to the Burlington-headquartered Emterra Environmental, a division of Emterra Group.

 “The combination of more than 40 years of ‘seen it all’ recycling experience and our absolute commitment to producing high quality resource materials for recycling end-markets sets us apart from others in the waste management industry,” says Emterra Group’s Founder and CEO, Emmie Leung. “Emterra can help the City improve recovery rates for end-of-life products and packaging, extending material value and utility and enable the City to maintain its relationships with reliable end markets.”

The company’s contract with Kingston begins on October 1, 2018.

In preparation for the start of Emterra’s new contract, Emterra has held job fairs in Kingston and continues to recruit staff. Positions can be found listed on the company’s website,

The MRF, originally constructed in 1988, has been augmented with an administrative office built in 1995, a tipping floor expansion to enlarge the area where recycling trucks empty their contents and a storage warehouse, both added in 2008. The recycling plant is one component of the KARC complex which consists of a Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste facility, a leaf and yard waste transfer facility and the Solid Waste Services Department administrative offices.

The MRF will continue to process recyclables collected from the residential (single and multi-family) curbside recycling programs in the City of Kingston, Loyalist Township and the Township of South Frontenac. Residents from those communities, as well as ICI customers may also take recyclables directly to the depot located at the facility.

“Through its RFP, the City expressed its interest in evolving its resource recovery operations to meet the future demands of post-collection systems. Emterra is pleased that we can help by bringing our circular economy and zero waste experience to help the City in achieving its diversion goals,” Ms. Leung said.