Emterra Tire Recycling Shines

Emterra Tire Recycling Shines

March 30, 2012

Report on Business and Daily Planet Shine Spotlight on Emterra Tire Recycling Accomplishments

BRAMPTON, ON (March 30, 2012) - Emterra's tire recycling division was featured in two high profile media in the last two weeks of March. The first was the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet in an episode that explored how scrap tires are collected, processed and remanufactured into new products. The second was an article in the Globe and Mail's Report on Business magazine that talked about innovative, leading edge companies that are contributing to Canada's green economy.

The Daily Planet documentary showed how Emterra's role as a scrap tire processor is the central cog in the recycling wheel between used tire drop off and transformation into many new and useful like playground surfaces, landscaping mulch, engine components, sub-flooring and road bed additive. Emterra Tire Recycling General Manager, John Cassell, explained how the company's environmentally responsible, innovative technology to shred tires, separating the steel and fibre from the rubber recovers 100% of each tire. The process is virtually emission free and tires are never stockpiled or landfilled.

The March 30 issue of the Globe and Mail's Report on Business published an article, Recycling: Feels good, makes money, too that included Emterra Tire Recycling as a firm on the cutting edge of the emerging green industrial sector. The Brampton, Ontario plant processes one million scrap tires annually while generating almost no waste emissions as a result of our proprietary grinding process.

Last summer, Emterra Tire Recycling was the centre of attention when it recycled the 25 millionth tire collected under the Ontario Tire Stewardship program.

Contact: John Cassell, General Manager; John.Cassell@emterra.ca; 905-487-2824.