Emterra’s Paulina Leung Appointed to Ontario Waste Management

Emterra’s Paulina Leung Appointed to Ontario Waste Management

March 15, 2016

BRAMPTON, ON – The Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) has announced the appointment of Paulina Leung, Emterra Group’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development to its board of directors.

OWMA represents about 260 corporate and public sector member organizations which together provide waste management services to 80% of Ontario’s population, collecting approximately 12.5 million tonnes of waste produced annually by households and businesses. The association focuses on opportunities and issues in the fields of zero waste, recycling, organic waste recovery, energy recovery, hazardous waste, safety and transportation within the industry and climate change. The waste management sector contributes over $3 billion annually in revenue, over $300 million in capital expenses and about 13,000 jobs to Ontario’s economy.

“Paulina’s unique experience, expertise and vision for the waste and recycling sector will be of great value to the Board of Directors and the association as we provide leadership in building a circular economy framework in Ontario,” said Rob Cook, OWMA’s Chief Executive Officer.

Leung noted that: “Emterra shares the OWMA’s goal of providing our products, services and expertise to improve the environment through effective management of waste and recycling resources. As a new member of the OWMA board, I hope to make a contribution by adding my voice to the growing conversation about the significant impact recycling has in reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy and resources. Adding to that is the opportunity our industry has to do even more by promoting the use of natural gas trucks across the country as part of the larger transportation sector.”

Emterra Group, now celebrating its 40th anniversary, is a family owned business with operations in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, as well as in the State of Michigan, USA. Its core business is to recover waste packaging and paper, used tires and waste liquids for processing and sale to recycling end markets. Emterra markets about 500,000 tonnes of recyclable materials around the world annually.

Leung wears multiple hats at Emterra as both an employee and a member of the family business. She is responsible for initiatives that grow and develop all the Emterra companies, including the bidding and implementation of new contracts and undertaking special projects, especially those related to business process improvements, customer service delivery, operational efficiency, and green/alternative fuels and technology. She also oversees corporate services including communications, human resources, and information technology. She has an Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario.

About Emterra Group

Emterra Group is a Canadian leader in waste resources management. It offers municipal and industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) customers with a fully integrated approach to collecting, processing and marketing waste, recyclables, organic waste, used tires, and more. Driven by its mandate to increase the sustainability of its operations, Emterra is one of Canada’s most progressive users of alternative green fleet technologies in the waste management industry and consistently deploys the latest green technologies to truly “walk the talk”, including using CNG vehicles, developing CNG fuelling stations and operating optical sorting equipment in its recycling plants.


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