Cover Story of Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine

Cover Story of Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine

November 21, 2012

Emterra Environmental’s Winnipeg, Manitoba MRF is held up as a “Dream Recycling Plant” and is the featured cover story in Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine. Innovation and commitment to sustainability thrust Emterra to national spotlight.


WINNIPEG, MANITOBA (November 21, 2012) - Emterra’s Winnipeg material recovery facility (MRF) has been dubbed “The ‘Dream’ Recycling Plant” by leading waste industry magazine, Solid Waste and Recycling Magazine. The cover story goes on to highlight the technological innovation applied by Emterra that is driving the “resources in – resources” out principle, which is central to Emterra’s vision of a “zero waste” environment.

The article brings to light the retrofitting and upgrading of the Winnipeg Single Stream MRF and highlights an ongoing commitment to using the most efficient and advanced mix of optical and mechanical technology. Emmie Leung, Emterra’s CEO and Founder, is credited as being the architect of facility upgrades that will more than double the MRF’s volume handling capabilities.

In addition to increasing MRF handling capacity, advanced equipment upgrades will contribute to greater recovery of higher value, sellable materials. By recovering more and higher value materials otherwise destined for landfill, Emterra and the City of Winnipeg will be on their way to achieving their goal of 50 percent diversion by 2020. Revenue sharing of sellable items will also benefit Emterra and the City – and by virtue local residents – while helping achieve a sustainable environment.

The accolades for Emterra’s innovation do not stop here. In Winnipeg, Emterra has launched the largest compressed natural gas (CNG) refuse fleet in North America to service the collection of household and commercial waste. Emterra Environmental has clearly focused on technology driven approaches to achieve green, efficient operations without increasing costs and driving up value from materials collection. Emterra’s Winnipeg “Dream Recycling Plant” highlights their leadership in MRF operations and reflects the forward thinking exacted by the Emterra management leadership and operational teams.

Emterra Group ( is the parent company of Emterra Environmental, and also operates sister divisions Emterra Tire Recycling and Canadian Liquids Processors. Emterra Group companies operate in Ontario, BC, Manitoba and will launch soon in Saskatchewan. Creating healthier communities while striving to achieve its “zero waste” mission is part of Emterra Group’s ongoing commitment.

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