When Tired Tires Reach the End of Their Life. What Comes Next?

When Tired Tires Reach the End of Their Life. What Comes Next?

March 14, 2023

How to recycle your old tires and why tire recycling is so important. 

Recycling old tires is a growing topic. It is important because it reduces the amount of waste that we produce in this world and helps us save resources. Recycling old tires is also easy and can be done at home or at a nearby recycling center.  

  1. Recycling of tires is a growing topic.

Tires are made of rubber, which comes from natural resources. Rubber is renewable and can be recycled multiple times. The energy used to produce a tire is almost entirely recovered during its lifetime through recycling or reuse. If you have enough tires, you can even sell them for fuel! 

Tires are also made with oil and other chemicals that must be disposed of properly when they're no longer needed or worn out.  

  1. Why recycling is important?

Recycling correctly helps protect our environment. The tire industry is one of the largest contributors to landfills and tires are among the most discarded items in landfills. Recycling helps reduce this waste by keeping tires out of landfills and turns them into valuable resources that can be used again. 

Additionally, recycling reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions related to making new tires. Scrap tires are moved around the country or overseas for reprocessing before they're reused again at the manufacturer. 

  1. How to recycle old tires?
  • Recycling old tires is important because it helps us use the resources we have in a more efficient manner. If you've ever seen an old tire pile up in your town or city, it can be hard to imagine how many tires there are and what they could be used for if recycled properly. When you take those old tires away from landfills and turn them into new products instead of just leaving them as waste products, you're doing your part in keeping our planet healthy by helping keep them out of landfills! 
  • Take your old and used tires to the many tire recycling centres around the country. You can find your nearest place to drop off your tires on our website (End-of-Life Tire Hauler, Processor and Producer Responsibility Organization - Emterra Group). These centres are committed to recycling the tires responsibly and sustainably.   
  1. Tips for reusing old tires at home
  • Don't throw your tires in the trash. 
  • Do not burn them unless you want to get a stinky, smoky smell in your house or car. 
  • Do not put them out at night as they will attract unwanted insects, which could be harmful to pets and children who may come across these items accidentally. 
  • If you're going to use a tire as part of your landscape design, make sure it's well-sealed so that water doesn't get inside during heavy rainstorms (and damage anything else nearby). 


Tires are a great source of carbon and can be recycled into other materials like rubber, plastic, and other materials. Recycling tires helps save energy and landfills space. 


As you can see, there’s a lot more to recycling than just throwing your old tires in a dumpster. By taking these steps and doing your part, you will be helping our planet become less polluted! 

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