Solid Waste and Recycling Services for Municipalities & Government

Your municipality requires a waste management partner that can:

  • Collect residential waste with on-time, customer service oriented performance
  • Provide waste management and recycling services on budget
  • Provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly solid waste and recycling program

Government and municipal customers choose Emterra because of the value add we provide. We help lower waste management and recycling costs by simply offering a better solid waste program. Our innovative processes and advanced technology deployments – from state-of-the art material recovery facilities (MRFs) to some of the greenest waste collection fleets on the planet – demonstrate our focus on relentlessly pursuing efficiencies while creating sustainable municipalities. We share your community vision and are ready to provide you a successful solid waste program when you’re ready to rethink your waste plan.

Our Services

Curbside & Multi-Family Collections

With a fleet of 800 trucks across Canada and a growing number of alternative fuels vehicles, we can service you and save you money.

Recyclables Processing & Marketing

Recyclable paper and packaging materials are transformed at our facilities into valuable commodities. The leading technology and processes we use produces the least residue, highest grades and best value for end market buyers.


Materials Hauling & Transfer

When distance is an issue, we can move your materials where it needs to go. We create operational and logistical efficiencies for your solid waste plan.

Landfill & Disposal

As we work together towards reducing waste from our systems, we must also manage our waste carefully today. In our landfill and disposal services, Emterra makes sure trash is handled properly.


Government Facilities Collection

You have several facilities and each one might have different solid waste programs. See how we can service you. 

Our Partners’ Words

Delivering value to our customers is our promise. In their own words, they’d like to share the message. Learn more

Sustainability Throughout Our Business through Technology

We believe in reducing the waste in our lives – we believe in Zero Waste. Our job isn’t just what we do; it’s also how we do it. By using alternative fuels in our fleets (like compressed natural gas and biodiesel) and employing innovative processes and technology in our recycling facilities, we continuously set new environmental standards for the industry. Learn more

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. Through our work, we service approximately 10% of Canada’s population and through our Community Care programs, we do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved where you live. Learn more