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Is your property not part of a municipal collection program or are you looking for additional collection options.

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Do you have a question about your collection schedule or what can be set to the curb? Do you think your property may have been missed? Let us help you!

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Special Project

Are you working on a renovation project or have too much waste for curbside collection. We have a solution for that.

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Find your collection calendar and accepted recyclable items

If your curbside collection calendar and accepted recyclable items are not listed below, check with your local minucipality.

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Community Care™

Emterra is committed to helping improve the environmental health and well-being of the communities where we live and work. Through our Community Care™ program, we donate funds to worthy local causes, heighten awareness around waste reduction and increased recycling and link community health to sustainability.

Community Care

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Tell us about your municipality, government facility or business, and Emterra will help you create a waste management plan specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

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