Winnipeg Boosts Waste Diversion 55% and Increases Recycled Materials with Emterra Environmental

Winnipeg Boosts Waste Diversion 55% and Increases Recycled Materials with Emterra Environmental

March 27, 2014

Winnipeg’s waste diversion performance reaches all time highs after implementing a new collection and diversion plan operated by Emterra Environmental, shedding its reputation as a recycling laggard.
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Mar. 27, 2014 - WINNIPEG, Canada -- The days of Winnipeg (and Manitoba as a province) being singled out as having the worst recycling rates in Canada are over. After partnering with leading waste services company and innovator Emterra Environmental on a new collection and diversion program, diversion rates have improved drastically.

In 2011, Winnipeg was diverting only about 18% of municipal waste collected from its main landfill, a rate that lagged municipalities across the country.  Fast forward to 2013 after implementing a new cart based recycling program with Emterra and city officials claim the diversion rate has jumped to 28% - a 55% improvement and all time high.

Emterra operates the cart based recyclables collection system and a cutting edge, state-of-the-art waste recovery facility to process the waste collected. This program drives diversion rates on two fronts. At home, residents can place a greater range of recyclables in their cart, without the need for separating different types of recyclables. This drives participation rates given the ease of use.

Second, Emterra’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF) – dubbed “Dream MRF” by Canada’s Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine (Sep-Oct 2012) – is delivering. Emterra’s MRF employs advanced sorting technology, which translates into improved separation of recyclables by type.  These sorted materials become commodities that are sellable, rather than waste destined for landfill.

More materials collected plus more of that material diverted is the recipe for the City of Winnipeg and Emterra’s success!

The positive environmental benefits of the program and deployment of technology doesn’t stop here. Emterra has deployed the largest cold weather capable refuse collection fleet globally in Winnipeg. The fleet of over 60 compressed natural gas vehicles (CNG) service the recycling, yard waste, and garbage collection needs of Winnipeg.  CNG vehicles are a clean alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles, further contributing to a sustainable environment.

The City of Winnipeg and its residents are acting on a challenge to considerably reduce their impact on the environment, and succeeding. Teaming with Emterra and its advanced waste management technologies, the City’s success has likely just begun.

Emterra Group ( operates waste management divisions including Emterra Environmental, Emterra Tire Recycling, and Canadian Liquids processors. Emterra Environmental collects, processes and markets waste resources in more than 80 Canadian communities, serving 10% of the Canadian population. Emterra also operates Emterra Environmental USA ( which provides waste disposal and recycling services to 50 municipalities and counties in mid-Michigan.

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Paulina Leung, Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development