The Expansion Driving Canada’s Circular Economy Into a Brighter Future

The Expansion Driving Canada’s Circular Economy Into a Brighter Future

March 30, 2023

For over 45 years, Emmie Leung, Founder and CEO of Emterra Group, has had a knack for identifying challenges and turning them into opportunities.

Emmie’s ability to envision growth and development in the circular economy has led to the expansion of Emterra Group’s six business divisions, becoming one of the largest vertically integrated resource management companies serving Canadians and the state of Michigan. 

Once again, Emmie’s skill for identifying opportunity has manifested with the launch of a new fleet of transport trucks that will move recyclable materials to a network of facilities within Ontario. 

“We are fortunate enough to have created synergies within our business that have led to greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and more control along our supply chain,” explains Graham Wathen, Vice President of Collection Operations, Ontario at Emterra Environmental. “This will give Emterra a better level of control and effectiveness as a service provider when Ontario’s new Blue Box regulation takes effect.” 
Emterra’s operations team moved quickly to get the fleet ready for the road. The project was first conceptualized in December 2022 and the first load of materials went out on March 7, 2023, providing short haul trips from Emterra’s Material Recycling Facility in Burlington, Ontario to end markets throughout the province.