Recycling Council of Ontario Re-Elects Waste Industry Leader Paulina Leung of Emterra to Board

Recycling Council of Ontario Re-Elects Waste Industry Leader Paulina Leung of Emterra to Board

February 08, 2014

The Recycling Council or Ontario re-elects Emterra's Paulina Leung to the Board of Directors. As an executive for one of Canada’s most innovative waste management and recycling companies, Leung represents a new generation of industry leadership.

BURLINGTON, Canada (February 7, 2014) -- The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) is a non-profit member organization focused on policy and education to reduce waste generation and maximize recycling. The Board of Directors provide thought leadership to reduce waste generated, waste destined for landfill, and maximizing recycling. The goal of the RCO is to raise societal awareness to achieve a sustainable natural environment for generations to come.

In her second term as a RCO board director, Leung will continue to impart her waste and recycling industry knowledge and creative ideas. Leung says, "I consider it a privilege to work with the RCO as a board member and look forward to continuing for another term.

The role is fitting for Leung, as Emterra Group's philosophy is that a "zero waste" environment can one day be achieved.

It is this mantra that keeps the spirit of innovation strong at the Emterra Group of companies; which includes Emterra Environmental, Emterra Tire Recycling, and Canadian Liquids Processors. It is also this drive that has led the company to successfully establish a US presence via Emterra Environmental USA.

The RCO and Emterra ( have a parallel vision for waste reduction. Leung and the Emterra team take that vision of a truly sustainable environment seriously. From launching the largest "green" refuse fleet powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) in Winnipeg; to establishing several single stream recycling programs that increase residential participation in recycling, to creating commodities for new product inputs from waste. Emterra waste management and recycling collection services touch approximately 10% of the Canadian population.

Leung is eager to contribute to the RCO in her second term. In addition to deep knowledge and experience in the waste recycling industry, Leung's strong business acumen has contributed to Emterra's strong, continued growth. Leung holds an Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario.