Recycle BC awards prestigious Blue Star Award to Emterra’s Doris Wong

Recycle BC awards prestigious Blue Star Award to Emterra’s Doris Wong

November 03, 2019

This Blue Star award was presented to Emterra’s Doris Wong, VP of Materials Marketing during Recycle BC’s collectors' conference in New Westminster, BC. The trophy itself is made from recycled chopsticks.

Doris Wong is Emterra Group’s VP of Materials Marketing. Many of us don’t see or work with Doris often, but her role in the organization is an important one. While we collect, sort, separate and bale recyclable material, Doris is busy building relationships with buyers around the globe who can recycle our products. What makes something recyclable is if it can be turned into something new again – Doris makes sure our material actually gets recycled.

The Blue Star Award is a new program founded by Recycle BC to celebrate their fifth-anniversary. Recycle BC is a stewardship agency responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia. As an organization, they recognize that they didn’t create a province-wide recycling program alone. In an effort to celebrate their anniversary and to recognize their partners, they founded the Blue Star Awards.

The Blue Star Awards are given to individuals who best align with one of Recycle BC's values of innovation, trust, knowledge, service and respect, while providing outstanding contributions to Recycle BC’s success.

Doris has been recognized by Recycle BC as a Star in Trust: for being a reliable partner who they have placed confidence in and depended on.

From the award winner page on Recycle BC’s website, they stated that; “Our collector network collects packaging and paper for recycling. That is the first stage of the process; for materials to be responsibly recycled, we must have viable end-markets for them. Doris successfully markets our materials with growing tonnage year-over-year in an extremely challenging global recycling market.”

“This award tells the world that you have done an outstanding job,” explains Emmie Leung. “You have made a tremendous contribution and now you are being recognized by Recycle BC with this award - this is a testament to your talent and contribution.”

Congratulations Doris on this well-deserved recognition!


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