Emterra Waste Management Company Selected Employer of the Year by Manitoba Filipino Community

Emterra Waste Management Company Selected Employer of the Year by Manitoba Filipino Community

October 24, 2013

Waste management company Emterra Group wins Employer of the Year as chosen by the Manitoba Filipino Business Council. With operations in Winnipeg and Brandon, Manitoba Emterra promotes and values a multicultural work force. 

WINNIPEG, Canada (October 24, 2013) -- Canadian waste management innovator Emterra Environmental has been honoured by the Manitoba Filipino Business Council (MFBC) their coveted Employer of the Year award. Emterra’s presence in Manitoba dates back to 2002 and currently operates in Winnipeg and Brandon. Emterra boasts a diverse, skilled work force that is the backbone of the services provided to Manitobans.

Emterra recognizes that the Filipino community is a robust group of individuals and values their diversity in talents and experiences. Where some employers raise barriers to employment for weaknesses in language skills and local employment experience, Emterra has fostered a culture of personal development and strong work ethic. Emmie Leung, Emterra’s Founder, emigrated to Canada from China in 1972 before founding the company and experienced first-hand the challenges faced by new immigrants.

Emterra has proven committed to welcoming immigrants from the Filipino community as team members, enabling deserving candidates to earn a living and support their families as they establish roots in Canada. Emterra has come to employ a large number of individuals from the Filipino community in Winnipeg and across the company. Filipinos are well represented at every level of Emterra’s business: from plant staff, including quality assurance, maintenance, and equipment operating personnel, to drivers, fleet maintenance personnel, office administrators, and management.

Filipinos comprise a good part of the Emterra workforce, particularly in Winnipeg, and as such are vital to business success. A great work ethic, reliability, and respect for colleagues combined with a sense of pride in the work done results in superior performance. Most new Filipino hires come referred by family or friends, which is a testament to the positive reciprocal relationship established by the Filipino community and Emterra as an employer of choice.

The Manitoba Filipino Business Council Award for Employer of the Year is welcomed by the Company. It is a testament to Emterra’s commitment to hiring from a local work force that reflects the diversity of the communities served and values of the organization. Today, Emterra Group is comprised of waste management companies that combine to serve 10% of the Canadian population in 80 communities.