Emterra to Build & Operate Regina’s New Single Stream Recycling Facility

Emterra to Build & Operate Regina’s New Single Stream Recycling Facility

October 24, 2012

Emterra Environmental partners with the City of Regina to bring curb side recycling to the City by July 2013. Emterra to build and operate the Materials Recovery Facility to divert 40% of materials and share profits with City.


Emterra Environmental has been awarded the contract to build and operate a new materials recovery facility (MRF) to serve the City of Regina. Operations are set to begin July 1, 2013 with the construction completion slated for May 2013. The facility will be located within the Global Transportation Hub. The MRF will be fed by materials collected at some 63,500 Regina properties. The program and facility's capabilities are striking - it is expected to divert about 40% of the City’s current “waste” from the landfill using the latest optical sorting, screening, magnet, and Eddy Current technology.

The “waste is not waste” perspective is directly in line with Emterra Environmental’s philosophy – and objective – of achieving “zero waste” communities. Emterra has built a reputation on its ability to profitably take refuse previously destined for landfill and transform it and/or re-market it as raw materials for new products. Where some see waste, Emterra sees commodity revenue opportunities.

The City of Regina has subscribed to this philosophy and will share in the expected financial benefits. With Emterra managing the MRF, it will also be responsible for marketing recovered materials. The City will earn 25% of profits from the sale or recycling the material. The arrangement allows the City to reinvest in the program via ongoing contributions to a reserve fund. Taking a collaborative approach with municipalities and their communities across Canada has helped Emterra create customized service model driven by local needs and wants. The partnership with the City of Regina is another such example.

As a Canadian leader in waste diversion and recycling for 35 years, the Emterra Group of companies continue to innovate and establish partnerships for greener, healthier communities as part of their “zero waste” mission. Emterra Group companies operate in communities across Canada.