Emterra Teams Up in Halton for Burlington Ravine Clean Up

Emterra Teams Up in Halton for Burlington Ravine Clean Up

May 07, 2013

Emterra Tire Recycling teamed up with the Field and Stream Rescue Team and community volunteers to clean up a ravine in Burlington’s Aldershot area. The polluted ravine is an example of the irresponsible and improper disposal of used rubber tires across our communities. Emterra Tire Recycling stepped up to collect and recycle tires collected.

The ravine requiring tire clean up is located near the corner of Plains Road West and Hillsdale Avenue near the City of Hamilton border.  The Field and Stream Rescue Team is a Burlington-based group of volunteers that organizes community residents in clean up events and for tree planting initiatives.  

Emterra Tire Recycling Manager Shabir Hirani stated, “We are proud to say that we recycle 99 per cent of every used tire that comes to our recycling plant.”  The plant in Brampton will recycle the tires, and demonstrates that Emterra is committed to helping across Canadian communities.  The tire count collected will be reported to Ontario Tire Stewardship for accounting within their annual tire recycling report. In total, a 40 yard bin of tires and bulk items were removed from the ravine.

The Brampton Emterra Tire Recycling facility will process the scrap tires and in the near future, nearly all materials extracted from the tires will serve as material inputs for the creation of entirely new products; from crumb rubber to flooring pads for playgrounds to rubber landscape mulch. 

To learn more about tire recycling opportunities or about how you can increase tire recycling efforts in your community, contact Emterra Tire Recycling (http://www.emterra.ca/services/tire-recycling-disposal). For more about the ravine clean-up or to sign up as a volunteer with the Field and Stream Rescue Team, visit http://www.streamrescue.com.

Emterra Tire Recycling, a division of Emterra Group, also offers an innovative rewards program called “My Tire Points” for any entity collecting used tires in Ontario. From tire shops to automotive garages, organizations across Ontario can arrange for tire pickups and earn points for tires collected.

Emterra Group (http://www.emterra.ca) is comprised of waste management companies that include Emterra Environmental, Emterra Tire Recycling and Canadian Liquids Processors Limited.  Currently, Emterra services 10% of the Canadian population in 80 communities. Each year, Emterra markets more than 500,000 tonnes of recyclables selling approximately 70% to North American markets.