Emterra’s gift to Niagara Health’s Walker Family Cancer Centre passes quarter million mark

Emterra’s gift to Niagara Health’s Walker Family Cancer Centre passes quarter million mark

June 12, 2018

$38,510 donation for 2017 brings total over seven years to $273,970

Staff and physicians at the Walker Family Cancer Centre joined Emterra Group’s Paulina Leung for the Make Your Contribution at the Curb cheque presentation. Those participating in the ceremony include: Carol Thiessen, Marti Culig, Dr. Ranjini Tolkanahalli, Paulina Leung, Richard Singh, Dr. Abhi Hallock, Kristina Ritchie and Melissa Lee.

For the seventh consecutive year, Emterra Environmental has supported cancer care treatment in the Region of Niagara by making a donation to Niagara Health Foundation’s Walker Family Cancer Centre (WFCC). The amount Emterra gives each year is based on the total amount of recyclables Niagara residents recycle. Under this award-winning, made-in-Niagara ‘Make Your Contribution at the CurbTM’ (MYCATC) program, for every tonne of recyclables recycled, Emterra donates $1 to the WFCC to purchase medical equipment for cancer treatment.

Today, Emterra’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Paulina Leung, presented a cheque for $38,510, to the Niagara Health Foundation to represent the 38,510 tonnes of recyclables collected during 2017. This brings the total Emterra has donated to the cancer centre since the ‘Make Your Contribution at the CurbTM’ challenge began in 2011 to $273,970.

Emterra Environmental is part of the Niagara Region community. Every week, their collection trucks navigate the streets of Niagara’s municipalities to collect blue and grey box recyclables, bulky waste, batteries, yard waste and organics under contract to the Region of Niagara.

“Whenever I tell people about the ‘Make Your Contribution at the Curb’ challenge, they are amazed that recycling can add up to such an amount over time. This is one of those cases, where it’s true that every little bit counts. We are proud to contribute to a healthier environment in the Niagara community and it is an honor to support to the Walker Family Cancer Centre,” says Ms. Leung. “Remember, the more you recycle…a plastic bottle here, a tissue box there…the more we give.”

Among the people on hand at the WFCC today to accept Emterra’s gift in a cheque presentation were staff and physicians from the cancer centre, including Dr. Ranjini Tolkanahalli, Richard Singh, Dr. Abhi Hallock.

“We are grateful for the support of Emterra Environmental, through their It’s Our Time pledge commitment. Their support of the Walker Family Cancer Centre helps ensure that local cancer patients receive the best possible care," said Roger Ali, President and CEO of Niagara Health Foundation.”

The Region of Niagara also supports MYCATC by providing advertising space in local newspapers throughout the region.