Emterra Environmental Awarded by FortisBC for Investing in Innovative Green CNG Fleet

Emterra Environmental Awarded by FortisBC for Investing in Innovative Green CNG Fleet

March 27, 2013

Emterra has been awarded by FortisBC, part of a select group committed to utilizing greener transportation technologies. Emterra is leading the way with CNG refuse truck fleets to service municipalities for greener, more sustainable communities.

FortisBC, part of one of the largest distribution utilities in Canada, has recognized Emterra Environmental for its commitment to “greener” collection and transport of waste by awarding $745,500 in incentives. The commitment by FortisBC contributes to Emterra’s drive to increasingly leverage CNG (compressed natural gas) which is clean, cost effective and abundant – particularly in British Columbia.

BC Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Mary Polak stated, “This new program will help encourage more transportation companies to use natural gas as the transportation fuel choice of the future”. As an innovator in the waste management industry, Emterra is not new to CNG powered fleets and has invested heavily in the technology already. Emterra was among the first group of companies recognized with the FortisBC funding award.

Emterra’s  leadership in CNG fleet operations began in the fall of 2013 when it established a CNG fuelling station to support waste management services for the City of Winnipeg. That operation represents the largest CNG powered refuse truck fleet globally, and proves that CNG fleets can successfully operate in cold weather climates.

Emterra’s vision of zero waste goes further than seeking to divert 100% of waste from landfills and maximizing recycling. Creating sustainable communities also means reducing emissions associated with the collection of waste. Fresh off winning Winnipeg’s Chamber of Commerce “Spirit of Winnipeg Award” for innovation (for its CNG fleet, station and sorting technology), Emterra continues to attract attention with this latest incentive award in BC.

With 15 material recovery facilities (MRF’s) across Canada and serving 80 municipalities, Emterra Group of companies have emerged as leaders in deploying green technology within the waste industry. The FortisBC award further evidences Emterra’s abilities to helping realize more sustainable communities.