Emterra Drivers Earn Accolades

Emterra Drivers Earn Accolades

July 31, 2012

British Columbia (July 31, 2012) – Emterra drivers are often singled out by residents in the communities they serve for their thoughtfulness. In the last few months three have received recognition for random acts of kindness.

Victoria, BC – In a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, a Victoria woman thanked the driver of a waste collection truck who helped her 90-year-old mother. She explained that she had driven up to an apartment building entrance to allow her mother to get out of the car close to the door. "Suddenly this driver appeared at her side and helped her right to her door. This young man is an example of all that is wonderful about this city...Small deeds like this have a huge impact on bringing joy into a person's life." The driver of the collection truck was Stephen Bonneau, a four-year Emterra employee. This isn't the first time Steve's thoughtfulness has been recognized said Emterra Vice President Ed Walsh.

Surrey, BC – A reader of Surrey Now wrote a note to the collection crew who serves his neighbourhood. "Many bunches of roses to the garbage man who picks up on our street. He goes out of his way each week to push my elderly disabled neighbour's garbage can and blue bin to the top of her driveway. A very kind act indeed."

Campbell River, BC – When a large bird he thought was an eagle hit his collection truck and landed in the back waste compartment, Emterra driver Jesse Reid thought the bird had been killed by the impact. But when he looked again, he saw that the bird had moved but was trapped so he called the Avian Rescue Unit. Members of the unit crawled into the collection truck to retrieve the bird, discovering it was a turkey vulture and that it was, indeed, in need of medical care. The rescue unit said they will care for the bird until it can be released.