Electrifying the Future: Emterra Group's Bold Move into Electric Vehicles

Electrifying the Future: Emterra Group's Bold Move into Electric Vehicles

September 11, 2023

As the world shifts towards more lower carbon modes of transportation solutions, we're proudly leading the charge by embracing EV technology and reimagining the way we serve our communities. From Ontario’s first electric refuse truck to heavy mobile equipment - embracing electric powered equipment aligns perfectly with our core values, allowing us to contribute to cleaner air, quieter neighbourhoods, and a more sustainable planet. 

Mack LR Electric Purchased by Emterra Group

The decision to carefully integrate electric vehicles into Emterra Environmental’s fleet is a natural progression of our commitment to environmental stewardship, which started with the use of CNG vehicles and operating the largest CNG fleet in an arctic climate over 10 years ago. Our transition to EVs isn't just about the vehicles themselves; it's part of a comprehensive strategy that encompasses learning through trial and error, embarking on a pilot project that includes a progressive large urban community and academia, and understanding charging infrastructure, energy management, and data-driven optimization.  

In the six months that we’ve operated two Fully Electric Compact Wheel Loaders for the Metro Vancouver Central Surrey Recycling and Waste Centre in British Columbia, we’ve reduced maintenance costs by 30% and are estimated to reduce our CO2 emissions by 55 tons annually. In addition to this incredible feat, our team in Ontario is gearing up for the launch of our first electric refuse truck, set to hit the road this October. 

As we navigate this exciting journey, we know there will be many learnings that will require patience and pivots. We extend our gratitude to our customers, staff, and the communities we serve - your support and collaboration will be instrumental in driving this transformation forward.