Canadian Liquids Processors is offering relief to essential services with new Emterra Hand Sanitizer

Canadian Liquids Processors is offering relief to essential services with new Emterra Hand Sanitizer

April 22, 2020

In celebration of Earth Day, Canadian Liquids Processors (CLP), a division of Emterra Group, is proud to announce the Emterra Hand Sanitizer, a new sanitizing solution designed to help essential businesses and organizations in the fight against COVID-19.

Produced in Hamilton, Ontario from reclaimed beverages, this circular economy product boasts an 80 per cent ethyl alcohol concentration, making it a safe and effective antibacterial skin disinfectant.

According to Sean O’Neill, General Manager at CLP, formulating a product that meets World Health Organization (WHO) specifications as well as the strict guidelines set out by Health Canada was a necessary but welcome milestone.

“We quickly retooled our operations to produce a Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer that workers in essential services and all industries can use to do their jobs safely and effectively,” said O’Neill. “From staff in long term care homes to our local first responders and waste management workers, we recognize the risk they are taking to support our communities during this difficult period and we are proud to support their life-saving work!”

Emterra Group employees and their families have been given the product the last several weeks in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The company is also proud to partner with the Ontario General Contractors Association, who will be raising awareness for the product and making it available to all their members.

To order, businesses and organizations can request a quote via the online store at and by reaching out to CLP account manager, Brad Lane, at (905) 379-0882 or emailing Emterra Hand Sanitizers are available in several different sizes, ranging from personal sized bottles to 1,000 L totes suitable for industrial sites and for refilling smaller bottles. As part of Emterra Group’s Community Care™ Program, a portion of production is donated to worthy organizations across Canada.

Urs Grob, fire chief at Anarchist Mountain Fire Department in Osoyoos, British Columbia appreciates this kind of support.

“Our fire department in British Columbia had to suspend our medical First Responders program three weeks ago because we couldn't purchase the proper personal protection equipment (PPE). One item that has been impossible to find locally is hand sanitizer,” said Grob. “Through a kind donation of sanitizer from Canadian Liquids Processors, we will now have this essential PPE product so that we can resume our program to care for our residents and respond to medical emergencies in our coverage area. Thank you, CLP.”

With the release of Emterra Hand Sanitizer, the organization is reaffirming its long-standing commitment to helping its customers expedite the transition to a circular economy, creating and delivering services and products that enable people and businesses to become stewards of the environment and the future.


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