Niagara, want to know why it's important to recycle everything you can?

It's because everything you recycle in your blue and gray boxes increases the charitable donation that Emterra Environmental makes to Niagara's Walker Family Cancer Centre every year. Find out what you are missing in your blue and grey boxes.

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Want to know more?

You know recycling helps the environment and keeps valuable resource materials out of landfill, but did you know it also helps to fight cancer? Through this unique Emterra Environmental Community CareTM program, in cooperation with the Region of Niagara, Emterra has donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Niagara Walker Family Cancer Centre. The amount we donate each year is based entirely on how much Niagara residents recycle.

Think what you do doesn't amount to much? How about $273, 970 since 2011! Imagine how much that helps buy essential medical equipment used to treat cancer.

Want to know how you can make your recycling count for more? Simple. The more you recycle, the more Emterra gives...

Our Partner

Our partner in Emterra’s 2018 Make Your Contribution at the Curb™ program is the Region of Niagara. The donations are made to the Niagara Health Systems OneFoundation to benefit the Walker Family Cancer Centre.

Niagara Make Your Contribution at the CurbTM