Our Management Team

We make opportunities for, and take pride in, the broad diversification of our workforce and in our employees' on-going commitment to doing their jobs well.  Our company is undertaking a new phase of dynamic growth and playing a greater role in the communities and sectors we serve. Our employees share our ultimate goal which is to ensure that at the end of the day, our municipal and commercial customers, and our buyers, know they can trust Emterra’s people to deliver.


Paulina Leung - Chief Sustainability Officer

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario’s Ivey Business School, Paulina followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a leader in the circular economy industry. Throughout her 17 years working for Emterra Group, Paulina has held roles as a sorter, loader, CSR, management trainee, business development manager, and VP of corporate strategy and business development.  

Paulina’s current role as Chief Sustainability Officer oversees all operations and divisions across Canada and in the State of Michigan. As a member of her family’s business, Paulina is driven by the ability to make tangible, positive differences to the environment, which is passed on to the team members of Emterra Group so they can also make a real, meaningful impact on the planet.  

Paulina is a Board Member and Co-Chair of the Ontario Waste Management Association, a founding member of the Women of Waste Subcommittee, and involved in various groups within the Canada Plastics Pact. 

Outside of Emterra Group, Paulina enjoys stand-up paddle yoga and trekking in remote places.



Brad Muter Chief Operations Officer

As Chief Operations Officer since 2018, Brad oversees Emterra's collection and post-collection activities and implements improvement strategies that contribute to the ongoing growth of the company’s operations. Brad is proud to work for a family-owned business that streamlines decision-making and prioritizes its diversity while fostering a work culture of great people and different perspectives.  

With a BA Certificate Course from British Columbia’s Capilano College, Brad’s previous work experiences include Area VP at Waste Management of Canada for 37 years and Regional VP at Sunbelt Rentals for two years. 

Brad is an avid snowmobiler and incorporates sustainable solutions into his home by buying in bulk and using refillable containers for cleaners and other home supplies.  

Roger Davis - Director of Risk, Health & Safety 

With an expansive background in risk management, Roger is responsible for all development, documentation and implementation of risk management programs across all Emterra Group divisions. 

After working in senior-level government, large corporations, and publicly traded companies, Roger believes there is no place like Emterra Group. Roger values the connection and intimacy of working for a private, family-owned and operated company while having the opportunity to influence and get hands-on in the company’s development. 

Roger has been recognized at the North American Enforcement Inspector's Competition as Champion Enforcement Officer and received the Deputy Minister's VIP award for outstanding service from Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation. Roger is a member of the Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA), the Risk Management Society (RIMS), and the Private Motor Truck Council of Ontario (PMTC). 

Committed to preserving the environment, Roger spends time cleaning and maintaining Fairchild’s Creek, which runs from St. George, ON, through his property, to the Grand River in  Onondaga, ON.  

Roger also holds a single-engine private pilot’s license and is the Director of the Brantford Flying Club. Roger lives by the motto of reaching “higher, farther, and faster” in his flying, career, and personal life.  



Jennifer Malcolmson Director of Human Resources 

Jennifer leads Emterra’s multi-functional HR department in the strategic design, implementation, and management of all HR programs, policies, and procedures. Jennifer is dedicated to bringing the company to an even higher level of maturity, being viewed as an "Employer of Choice,” with a focus on developing an HR Roadmap to assess Emterra’s “People Priorities,” which integrates Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Mental Health Awareness, Supervisory Leadership Training, and other targeted KPIs. 

Jennifer has received diplomas in HR Management (McMaster University), Management Studies (McMaster University), and Police Education (Sandford Fleming College). She has extensive HR experience from her time at Maple Leaf Foods, with roles ranging from HR Generalist to Labour Relations Manager. 

Jennifer is Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, completed the Ivey Leadership Program at the Ivey Academy, was nominated twice for the Maple Leaf Foods company-wide annual awards, and was a recipient of several Bravo Bonus awards for Leadership at Maple Leaf Foods. Jennifer is also a volunteer on the Routes Youth Board, an organization that allows youth to participate in non-structured and structured programming.  

Outside the office, Jennifer enjoys writing, reading, camping, and ballroom/Latin dancing. Jennifer practices sustainability by using reusable containers, composting, and recycling right. 


Manuel “Sonny” Duque Director, Post Collection Operations, BC 

With his previous work experience at Brock White Canada and Coast Spas Canada, Manuel brings a strong management background to Emterra. Starting as a Plant Manager in Surrey, B.C., Manuel has grown in his role and now oversees operations for our materials recovery facility in B.C., including its staffing, financials, processing system, and maintenance as Director of Post-Collection Operations. 

Working at Emterra Group for over nine years, Manuel appreciates the team coordination and support, and the ability to talk openly with the senior leadership team about the problems and solutions relative to Post Collection operations.  

Manuel is also a Waste Management Advisory committee member of the Thompson Nicola Regional District and Regional District of Nanaimo and a member of Families for Christ Community Canada and the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals.  

In his free time, Manual loves to cook, sing, play guitar, and take care of his grandchildren. 


Peter Wishart General Manager, Metro Vancouver Recycling and Waste Centres

Peter has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, both from the University of New Brunswick. Before working at Emterra Group, Peter was the Manager of Solid Waste for the District of Muskoka, Lead Senior Engineer for Metro Vancouver Regional District, and an Environmental Engineer for Domtar Vancouver. Peter has been named the Variability Reduction Champion representing the Vancouver Mill for Domtar. 

As General Manager of the Metro Vancouver Recycling and Waste Centres, Peter oversees the management and operations of four of the largest facilities of their kind in the Greater Vancouver area. These facilities receive a high volume of waste from various sources, which are either transported and/or railed to end destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest.  

While working with Emterra for over five years, Peter values the company’s agility in decision making and its entrepreneurial spirit. Peter is the current Director of the Waste Management Association of British Columbia and is a Certified Professional Engineer in both Ontario and British Columbia. 

Peter is dedicated to passing on his love for the environment to future generations by teaching his young daughter to live sustainably while integrating biking, walking, and hiking into their daily routines. 



Andres Cuellar District Manager, Post-Collection Operations, Prairies Division 

Since 2016, Andres has been responsible for Emterra's operations in Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon through his various leadership roles. Andres is a proud leader and team player who values the growth and engagement of the teams he oversees, engaging his teams to work through the challenges of running a large-scale operation together.  

Andres plays a key role in ensuring operations run smoothly across the Prairies and values the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the environment every day. At home, Andres recycles right and composts.  

Andres is an active member of the Regina MRF Employee Committee, the Standing Policy Committee, the Executive Policy Committee, the Policy & Procedure Committee, and the Pandemic Preparedness Committee, all of which are active committees at Emterra Group. 



Sean O’Neill General Manager, Canadian Liquid Processors (CLP) and Regional Manager, Post-Collection Operations of Ontario, Emterra Group 

Sean began his career with Emterra in 2002 as Plant Manager for Canadian Liquid Processors (CLP). In 2012, Sean pursued management opportunities elsewhere until returning to Emterra Group in 2018, assuming his current roles overseeing CLP operations and MRF operations at Emterra’s Burlington, Peterborough, Renfrew, and Kingston locations. 

Sean has diplomas in Oenology & Viticulture from the University of Guelph and Leadership Development from Niagara College. Sean has also been President of the Niagara Spears for ten years. 

Sean is proud to make a difference through his work every day for a better tomorrow. At home, Sean is an active composter and recycler and does as much as possible to reuse and conserve natural resources. Sean is also an avid motorcycle fan, opting to ride his bike whenever he gets the chance to not only cut down on his emissions but also experience the freedom of riding with the wind in his hair. 



Gordon Day Vice President, Ryse Solutions 

Gordon began his career in the recycling sector in 1989 with Resource Integration Systems Ltd. After years of working as a consultant for waste management companies, Gordon joined Emterra Group in February 2018, launching Ryse Solutions later that year. 

Gordon loves working at Ryse Solutions because there are no limits to this new division, giving ample opportunity to expand with the incredible support from senior management.  

After serving 11 years, Gordon recently stepped down from the Board of Directors of the Recycling Council of Ontario. Gordon spends time in nature hiking the trails near his house and hopes to begin biking to work to play his part in reducing emissions.  



Carmelina Macario Director of Operations and Compliance, Ryse Solutions 

As the Director of Operations and Compliance for Ryse Solutions, Carmelina manages relationships with Ryse’s clients and service providers, builds tracking systems, gathers information for regulatory and financial reports, and assists with business development.  

Carmelina has worked with Ryse Solutions for over two years, starting as a Manager for Ryse’s PRO services and later changing roles as the business evolved. Before her time at Ryse Solutions, Carmelina worked for the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA), focusing on end-of-life tire and Electrical and Electronic Equipment programs. This work experience gave Carmelina a solid background in Ontario’s EPR programs and a wide network of program managers, service providers, and government officials. 

Carmelina loves her role as she is able to assist in the execution of government-regulated programs and help companies who want to go beyond compliance to lessen their environmental footprint.  

To reduce her own waste, Carmelina limits her packaging and visits refilleries, grows her own food in the warmer months, makes her own natural cleaners, buys secondhand, and repairs whenever she can. In her free time, Carmelina enjoys a variety of hobbies, from swing dancing and knitting to baking and volunteering. 



John Cassell - General Manager, Emterra Tire Recycling

Since 2007, John has been the leader of ETR and is proud to have achieved more than 700% sales growth for both inbound end-of-life tires and outbound products during his time here.  

John has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from Trent University and an MBA from Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. John’s previous work experiences include General News Reporter for the Recorder and Times in Brockville, Ontario, and Vice President of TCL Waste Systems. 

John’s favourite part about working at Emterra Group is its close-knit, family-run business that streamlines urgent requests for immediate consideration and resolution. John loves interacting with different individuals every day and always appreciates learning something new from Emterra staff and customers.  

John gives back to the environment by advocating for recycling right – he even helped set up and launch the blue box system in Brockville, Ontario! John’s favourite hobby is climbing on his mountain bike and exploring the many trails in southwestern Ontario. 


Thomas Miele Controller, Emterra Environmental USA 

In his role, Thomas is a management professional and analytics specialist responsible for financial and operation-related reporting and leading the financial team of  Emterra Environmental’s USA operations. 

While having only been with Emterra for a short while, Thomas appreciates contributing to a visionary organization with environmental conservation at the root of its mission. Thomas is passionate about his work, supportive of his team, and enjoys overcoming challenges to improve Emterra's operations and move the company’s mission forward.  

Thomas has a Bachelor of Accounting from Walsh College of Accountancy, is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and has a Certification in Strategic and Competitive Analysis (CSCA). Thomas has over 40 years of work experience in construction, manufacturing, warehouse distribution, service, and non-profit industries on local, national, and global levels. John is also an officer on the Board for the Detroit Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, previously serving ten years as the board’s President. 

Thomas also loves to write and record music in his spare time! Thomas is a multi-instrumentalist playing electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, and singing lead and harmony vocals.   



Angelo Caramagno - General Manager, Emterra Environmental USA and Huron Landfill 

Angelo has been the General Manager of Emterra Environmental USA and Huron Landfill since 2013. Angelo loves coming to work with his hard-working and friendly staff, who are always willing to take on difficult tasks and go the extra mile. 

Outside of work, Angelo has worked with community foundations, the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the MRC Grant Advisory Committee, and volunteered with the Red Cross. Angelo enjoys spending time with his family and golfing and gives back to the environment by recycling right and growing his own vegetables.