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Waste Stream Audit

Waste Stream Audit

Do you know what’s in your waste? Are you sending material to the landfill that could be recycled? Let us help you make your business a more sustainable one.

Waste Stream Audit

Start reducing waste by knowing what’s in it. Waste Stream Audits by Emterra Environmental analyze your waste determining what you produce and how you can divert more from the landfill.

Waste Stream Audits are an excellent option for ICI customers including:  

 - Manufacturers                     - Food Processors
 - Construction                        - Property management
 - Retail                                    - Hospitality 
 - Healthcare                           - Institutional 
 - Office                                    - Recreational and more

Customized Resource Management Study

Once your audit is complete, we analyze the data, identify points of waste generation and help you plan a greener solution for your business.

To learn more about waste stream audits contact your Emterra Environmental Representative.