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Hauling and Transfer Services for Waste & Recycling

Materials Hauling and Transfer

Consolidated trash and recycling hauling can give your organization access to better recycling and disposal facilities and allow waste services in remote or rural communities – cost effectively. Transfer and hauling is an important component of a waste management plan for many communities that lack local waste processing facilities, often where the population is low.

Emterra can help you formulate a cost-effective garbage or recycling haulage plan to efficiently manage waste and have greater access to disposal or processing facilities.

Through our network of 800 waste and recycling collection trucks and a growing number of low emission vehicles, we have the experience and ability to provide your community with more efficient and effective waste services. In addition, our track record of service reliability and safety ensures your waste program is properly taken care of.

Our Partners’ Words

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Sustainability throughout Our Business

We believe in reducing the waste in our lives – we believe in Zero Waste. It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it! By using alternative fuels in our fleets (like compressed natural gas and biodiesel) and employing innovative processes and technology in our recycling facilities, we continuously set new environmental standards for the industry. Learn more

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. Through our work, we service approximately 10% of Canada’s population and through our Community CareTM programs, we do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved where you live. Learn more