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Canadian Liquids Processors Ltd.

Liquid Waste Management & Product Destruction Services

Canadian Liquids Processors Ltd. (CLP) specializes in managing liquid food and beverage waste. This includes the disposal and destruction of unwanted and stale-dated liquids, including beverages and other products, such as unsellable sugar and alcohol-based liquid consumer products. 

Our product destruction and liquids processing ensures packaging is recycled and liquid contents are safely managed. We handle product recalls, production overruns, marketing mistakes and other consumer product disposal and recycling. Liquid waste and product destruction is done in a confidential and secure environment for our customers, which include US and Canadian manufacturers, distributors, retailers and insurance adjustors. 

As the only distillation and approved product destruction facility of its type in Canada that is licensed with the Ministry of the Environment (Ontario) and Excise Canada, CLP can assist customers from across Canada in obtaining Excise Tax rebates. We also offer government-witnessed destruction services. Learn more about the benefits of confidential product destruction services.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, CLP became an Emterra company in 2004.

Our Commitment – Helping Achieve Zero Waste and Sustainability Goals

CLP is committed to ensuring that all liquid, food and consumer product waste received from customers is fully recycled, recovering at least 99% of all materials and thereby helping our customers achieve corporate Zero Waste and sustainability goals.