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Blue+2 City of Langley Special Test Project

City of Langley Special Test Project



City of Langley Special Test Project

The City of Langley is partnering with Emterra Environmental, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association and others in the plastics industry in a special, three-month test project to learn how to expand the list of plastic products and packaging that potentially could be collected in BC's recycling program in the future.

The test involves materials that are not currently recycled in BC. They are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic overwrap used to contain packaged consumer products such as paper towels and bathroom tissue
  • Foam containers such as meat trays, egg cartons and foam clamshells
  • Foam cushion packaging used for protecting appliances and electronics



  • Empty plastic bags and overwrap go into one clear, blue recycling bag. Tip: Turn plastic bags inside-out to be sure they are empty.
  • Rinsed foam containers and cushion packaging go into a separate clear, blue recycling bag.
  • Mainstream recyclables go into your blue boxes, as usual.

Run out of blue recycling bags? They are available for purchase at most supermarkets in Langley. (Refer to the Blue+2 Instruction Guide


The test will run for three months only (February 7 to April 27) and will involve about 800 households in pre-designated areas. The households that have been asked to participate have received notification by way of a door hanger delivered during the week of January 23. Only those households that receive notification and a "starter kit" containing an instruction guide will participate.

This test project stems from the provincial government's recent amendment to the Recycling Regulation requiring product producers to be responsible for packaging after products have been sold. The regulation goes into effect in May 2014, but work has begun already to figure out effective ways to collect and process materials. This is a "first of its kind" in BC and Langley will lead the way.

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Blue+2 Partners:

The Blue+2 partners are the City of Langley; Emterra Environmental as the city's recycling collection and processing company; Langley's own CKF Inc.; Layfield Flexible Packaging; W. Ralston (Canada) Inc. and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA).