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Used and Scrap Rubber Tire Recycling

Used and Scrap Rubber Tire Recycling

You have used and scrap rubber tires. Tire disposal should be simple, convenient and fit with your business’ goals. Your waste tires are virtually 100% recyclable at Emterra – so they’re not waste at all! We offer our customers a unique incentive program - "My Tire Points"  - to acknowledge and reward your used and scrap tire recycling efforts.

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It’s Simple. All rubber tires of any make and size are accepted and we’ll even come to your door to get them. If you are in the Greater Toronto Area, we give you a 48-hour turnaround for pick up requests.

Convenient. Set up a customized used tire collection schedule with us once and we’ll come like clockwork to your location to pick up your waste tires.

Reduce Waste. From every 24-pound tire Emterra recycles, we create 24-pounds of valuable resources - 12 pounds of high quality rubber, 6 pounds of steel and 4 pounds of fibre! Learn more about tire recycling  here.

The Bottom Line. Earn money by recycling. Customers can earn rewards or cash rebates through our Emterra Points rewards program for every recyclable tire we collect.

As a registered tire collector, hauler and processor under the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) program, we service garages, scrap yards, landfills, service stations and other businesses and organizations throughout Ontario. Do more for your business by working with an environmentally responsible tire recycling partner and get started earning Emterra Points today!

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