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Recyclables Processing & Marketing

Recyclables Processing & Marketing

At Emterra, we not only accept recyclables – we sort all your materials to maximize recycling and minimize waste headed for landfill. Further, we’re leaders in creating value from waste and marketing your recyclables!

Recycling Your Recyclables

Paper and packaging recyclables like newspaper, cardboard, paper, plastic bottles, and cans are everywhere around us. Being environmentally-conscious, you want to make sure these resources are put to best use, not thrown in the garbage. (If you’re still not sure why recycling is important, click here.) As your environmental partner, Emterra can help you do this.

Better yet, we’ll make it as easy as possible for you while even helping your organization’s bottom line.

Easy. You may be able to deliver materials directly to one of our facilities or have our trucks come to your location to pick up. We accept an enormous range of paper and packaging, including pre-consumer or post-consumer materials in loose or baled form. Unlike other recycling companies, unsorted recyclables (meaning the paper and cardboard may be mixed with other things like plastic bottles or aluminum cans) may also be accepted!

The Bottom Line. Diverting waste away from the trash can and into the recycling bin reduces your disposal fees and can give you overall cost savings. Our waste experts may even find other ways to unlock value in your trash. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Marketing Your Recyclables

It’s not considered recycled until it’s made into something usable. That means marketing and selling your recyclable materials is a critical step, one we excel in.

Our Commodity Marketing team works hard to stay on top of local, regional and global events and trends to identify the best markets for your materials. As economies become unstable and unpredictable, it is increasingly important to work with a recycler that you trust to find the right buyer – and won’t dispose the materials in a landfill.

We make sure that your materials get a second life and will be created into new and valuable products. Our buyers choose our products over others'.

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