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Waste Diversion for Environmental Stewardship

Product Stewards

Manufacturers and retailers are increasingly embracing the concept of product stewardship, whereby the products created are viewed in terms of their environmental, health, and safety related effects throughout their lifecycle. Responsible product stewardship among Canadian companies represents a positive trend, one that will improve waste reduction and achieve new levels of waste diversion. Emterra can help.

If you are a manufacturer or retailer, you share the responsibility of managing the environmental impact of your products, through activities such as recycling and disposal. To understand and navigate this new operating environment, work with a partner who has experience and expertise in managing complete recycling programs, from start to finish.

Product Stewards engage us for a variety of reasons. Our discussions range from the design stage (ensuring that the product or packaging can be effectively recycled) to the waste management stage (where used products or packaging must be recycled or disposed to meet product stewardship requirements).

We encourage you to rethink your waste plan by exploring a more cost effective and well managed environmental waste program with Emterra. Can we afford not to be environmental stewards?


Short-Term Collection Service

Need to rent a dumpster for a renovation or construction project? Our bins are ready for your junk.

Permanent Collection Service

For managing garbage, recycling or compost, we’ll provide and pick up your waste bins on schedule.


Tire Recycling

Don’t let your used tires go to waste. We collect and recycle scrap rubber tires!

Liquids Recycling & Product Destruction

Your business has beverages or liquids that can’t be consumed but don’t treat it like trash. Go green and recycle liquid waste !


Venues & Special Events

We can provide your party or big event with waste dumpsters that fit! We’ll even haul it away when the party’s over.


Why Recycle?

Why Compost?