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Our Partnerships with Material Buyers

Our Partnerships with Material Buyers

Available, stable end-markets drive our business. When it comes to processing recyclables materials for secondary uses, we know our markets come first. 

Finding and developing stable, environmentally-sound markets for our recycled commodity products plays a central role in our business model. The investment we make in establishing solid relationships with our buyers pays off when commodity prices fluctuate. We have a good record of being able to keep our commodities flowing during economic downturns because we go the extra mile to provide quality materials that meet or exceed our buyers’ specifications…and our buyers appreciate the consistency.  

Emterra’s “excellence in material recycling operations makes ours’ a partnership of tremendous strength.”  - Kevin Andrews, General Manager of Merlin Plastics Supply Inc., one of Canada’s largest post-consumer plastics processors and an Emterra buyer for more than two decades

As an added value and the reason we promise our municipal and commercial customers increased resource recovery from their waste stream, is our commitment to search for markets that go beyond those for mainstream recyclables. We look for lesser known, responsible markets that want or can use lower valued mixed materials as well as the hard to market materials that are common in today’s packaging mix. Even if we have give away lower grade materials on the assurance of responsible use, it means we are not disposing of them in landfill. The result is lower residue rates. For example, Emterra Environmental’s MRFs have residue levels among the lowest in the industry, ranging from 3% in multi-stream collection programs to less than 10% in single stream recycling, on average.

In Ontario, 2010 figures show that 90% of our products go to North American markets. Across our entire waste management division, 70% of our materials stay inside North America.  The balance of our buyer diversification provides stability during times when commodity markets turn soft.