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Paulina Leung Elected to the Recycling Council of Ontario Board

TORONTO, ON (January 31, 2012) - The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) announced in January that Paulina Leung, Emterra's Manager of Business Development has been elected to its board of directors.

At Emterra, Paulina is responsible for driving the company's growth and expansion. In her nomination profile, she commented that she is looking forward to helping the RCO take the next steps to realize its potential as a voice for policies that promote sustainability, as an advocate of information and education, and as an example of the 3Rs standards to which we should all aspire on a personal, business and social level. Paulina's years of experience as a senior Emterra manager working with municipal and ICI customers to deliver a suite of collection, processing and marketing services have give her an understanding of the challenges and more importantly the opportunities in managing both mainstream and tough-to-recycle materials.

From a slate of more than a dozen nominees, Paulina was one of seven that the RCO membership voted to the 2012 board. See the full announcement