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Niagara Region Praises Emterra

Niagara Region Praises Emterra for First Year of Service

NIAGARA REGION, ON (February 2012) - In a letter to Emterra's Regional General Manager, Brian Gogo, Niagara Region praised Emterra for making the first year of the recyclable collection contract a "big success."

Catherine Habermebl, Acting Director of Waste Management Services, said that with Emterra's assistance, the Region has seen a "decrease in the amount of garbage being landfilled by approximately 13% (62,803 tonnes) over the past year. Also curbside collected recycling tonnages have increased by just over 13% in the past year. We have also seen an increase in the number of households and businesses using the Green Bin.

"In an environment which can be subject to negative feedback, we should take the time to celebrate our accomplishments together. On behalf of the Niagara Waste Management Team, thank you to you and the Emterra staff!"

When Emterra won the Region of Niagara contract in October 2010, it was the largest contract awarded in Canada during the year.

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