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Multi-Material BC and Emterra Environmental: Savings for BC Residents


Photos Collage - Multi-Family Recycling BCRecycling in British Columbia is changing and Emterra is glad to be a part of it! BC has introduced regulation that shifts responsibility for recycling printed paper and packaging materials away from residents and municipalities to the companies that introduce these materials to residents. By shifting the burden (and cost), producers are encouraged to reduce packaging and paper waste which contributes to greater environmental sustainability.

The new recycling program is industry sponsored and run by Multi-Material BC (MMBC) and applies to multi-family buildings and Stratas province-wide!

With Emterra, Multi-Family Residential Buildings in Metro Vancouver, Prince George and Other Communities are Eligible for Recycling Collection at No Charge

Emterra Environmental is an MMBC approved recyclables hauler so our customers are eligible to receive basic recycling collection services at no charge under the new program. Only MMBC approved companies can qualify you for this benefit. Taking advantage of these savings with Emterra is as easy as ensuring you have an updated service agreement in place.  Not with Emterra? The benefits of signing on with Emterra don’t end with this special recyclables collection program…

Emterra Makes Recycling Easier so Residents Recycle More

Our vision is to achieve a “zero-waste” environment. By reducing packaging and paper waste plus recycling a greater portion of what is produced, we are on our way. Emterra pioneered Single Stream Recycling, which means all your recyclables go into one bin and no more sorting.                              

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