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Liquids Recycling and Product Destruction

Liquids Recycling and Product Destruction

Your company produces or manages liquid food, beverages and other industrial liquids. Unfortunately, product recalls, production overruns, misprints and marketing mistakes, damaged products (e.g. from accidents) means that you need product destruction and proper liquid waste management. We’re your solution.

Green Disposal of Your Liquid Waste

We specialize in remanufacturing unwanted and stale-dated liquids, including beverages and unsellable sugar and alcohol-based liquid consumer products, using the most sustainable methods available. Whether it's bulk liquid product or packaged beverages, we recycle 99% of all the materials received. Learn more about our liquids recycling services.

Secure and Confidential Liquids Disposal

We understand that our customers, which include US and Canadian manufacturers, distributors, retailers and insurance adjustors, require that packaging and contents must be safely managed. We ensure that liquid waste recycling and product destruction is done in a confidential and secure environment for our customers. See why our liquids processing service customers trust us.

Can Emterra help you? Here are just some of the materials we have received and remanufactured for customers in the past:

Alcoholic – beer, wine, coolers, distilled spirits and flavorings

Non-alcoholic – pop, juice, fruit-flavored drinks, sports drinks and concentrates

Partially Processed Alcohols and Sugars – bulk distilled spirits, distillation heads, industrial alcohols, corn syrup and molasses

Other Materials – such as organics, pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products and tobacco

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Why Recycle?