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Government Facilities Waste Collection

Government Facilities Collection

Government facilities, such as schools and government agencies, are faced with budget constraints while looking to achieve sustainable processes that meet environmental regulatory requirements.  Emterra is your trusted partner with a history of providing quality waste management services to government agencies with our large and growing network of recycling facilities and waste collection trucks across Canada. Greener waste fleets and innovative waste recycling processes that minimize waste destined for landfill – that’s the Emterra difference!

Trash, Recycling or Compost – We Want It!

At the core of the communities we live and work in, governmental agencies facilities have the ability to inspire more sustainable actions in their communities every day. Through garbage, recycling and compost, Emterra wants to work with you to find new and innovative ways to turn waste into valuable resources in a cost effective manner.

It’s about time to rethink your municipality’s waste plan.

We all try to reduce garbage in our lives but when there’s junk to dump, make sure it goes to the right place. See if no sort recycling can make things easy for you. Put all your recyclables into the same bin to save time and space. Plus, keep more away from the landfill! Yard waste and organic waste might be a big portion of the stuff in your garbage bin now. Reducing your carbon footprint with compost may even reduce your overall waste management costs by taking the weight out of the garbage bin!

Our Partners’ Words

Delivering value to our customers is our promise. In their own words, they’d like to share the message. Learn more

Sustainability throughout Our Business

We believe in reducing the waste in our lives – we believe in Zero Waste. It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it!  By using alternative fuels in our fleets (like compressed natural gas and biodiesel) and employing innovative processes and technology in our recycling facilities, we continuously set new environmental standards for the industry. Learn more

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. Through our work, we service approximately 10% of Canada’s population and through our Community Care TM programs, we do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved where you live. Learn more