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Dumpster Rentals & Waste Bin Services

Waste Dumpster Rentals– Bin Collection Disposal Service

Commercial and Residential Dumpster Rentals

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We all produce “junk” and when it is time to remove waste from your home or business, Emterra has the right dumpsters and bins for the job. From temporary dumpster rentals to ongoing bin collection services to meet the needs of business and institutional customers, count on us. 

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Commercial & Industrial Dumpster Services

We help assess the amount and types of waste you produce to ensure we:

  • Provide the right kind and size of dumpsters (to meet your specific needs)
  • Establish the right frequency for emptying your bins (so they never overfill)
  • Maximize waste recycling and diversion from landfill (we have a “zero waste” philosophy)

Whether you produce construction debris, food and organic waste, or even liquid waste – we collect it. For one dumpster at one location or hundreds across facilities or locations, count on Emterra!

Do you want your organization to produce less waste or better handle waste? Our industrial and commercial clients trust we don’t just rent waste bins; we can help you implement responsible, cost effective waste disposal programs.

Residential Dumpster Rentals

Home renovation? Spring cleaning? Getting rid of old bulky items and junk around the house? You can borrow a truck and make a few trips to the dump or you can do it the easy way!

Homeowners across Canada count on Emterra to provide the right waste dumpster for big jobs:

  • We drop off the dumpster and pick it up when filled at times convenient for you!
  • Dumpsters are carefully placed so they do not damage your driveway/property
  • We responsibly dispose of your junk, meaning we recycle everything possible (the green choice!)
  • We own our waste recovery facilities and offer low cost pricing!

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A Different Kind of Dumpster Rental Company

Unlike many “dumpster rental companies”, we not only provide waste bin dumpsters and collection services, we actually operate our own material recovery operations. Our facilities are hi-tech, which means we can sort out recyclables and find all ways possible to divert waste from landfill. We envision a world of “Zero Waste”.

If you’re like us and care about achieving sustainable green communities, then you realize there’s more to renting a dumpster than, well, renting a dumpster!

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