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Benefits of Composting

Benefits of Composting and Sustainable Waste Management

If you’re not convinced about composting collection at your home or organization yet, maybe these reasons will change your mind.

Nourish Our Earth - Composting converts a significant portion of your household waste, up to 35%, into healthy soil. The soil produced from compost is nothing short of a bundle of joy to the earth:

  • Decrease soil erosion by enhancing soil structure
  • Return a diverse number of nutrients to soil
  • Reduce watering needs by improving water retention in the soil
  • Suppress plant diseases

Skip the Landfill – Just like recycling, you send less material to the landfill when you compost. Most people don’t want to create more landfills and by composting, you send less material to the landfill which means it won’t fill up as fast. That same landfill will remain useful for years longer. This is important in urban centers where landfill space is scarce but just as important across the country.

Clear the Air – The process of composting food waste and green waste requires oxygen and water. This process emits carbon dioxide as a result. However, when organics decompose in a landfill where they are tightly covered up without enough oxygen or water, methane is produced. Unfortunately, methane traps 25 times more heat than carbon dioxide and is a much more powerful greenhouse gas.

Use Our Resources Wisely – Organic waste can be turned into a valuable resource to replenish the soil. Depending on the method used to compost the green waste, gases emitted during the process can be captured to produce renewable energy!

Composting can be the answer to some of the world’s most challenging issues. If you’re looking for more ways to divert waste, take a look at our top reasons to try recycling.



Compost Council of Canada