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A Leader in Green Fleet Management

Emterra's Green Low-Emission CNG, Diesel Waste Truck Fleets

Stations and Fleets Across Canada

With CNG stations and CNG fleets in Winnipeg, Manitoba as well as British Columbia’s Capital Regional District and Fraser Valley Regional District, Emterra Environmental has established itself as a leader in the use of alternative green fleet technologies. Through its initial investment in Winnipeg, Emterra developed the largest fleet of CNG collection trucks in the world operating in an extreme cold weather climate. This opportunity also enabled Emterra to develop the most extensive experience operating CNG equipment within extreme cold weather. Though a CNG fleet was not a requirement within the contract between Emterra and the City of Winnipeg, we decided to offer it as a value added feature for the city and tax payers!

Looking Forward

9347As an organization that is dedicated to efficiency and mitigating the environmental impact of its operations, Emterra plans to further expand its CNG fleet and network of private and public CNG fuelling stations across Canada. Over the next year, Emterra will roll out even more CNG trucks in British Columbia and Ontario.

As part of its launch in Ontario, Emterra will develop a CNG refuelling station, a new fleet of 100+ CNG trucks, and a CNG-certified truck maintenance centre in Mississauga, Ontario.  This location will be a CNG Service Hub, the first of its kind in Canada that will feature fast fuelling, a CNG-certified maintenance shop, a CNG-certified drive through wash bay and a CNG-certified paint booth. CNG fleet owners/operators will be provided with a diesel-like experience, if not better, at this CNG Service Hub. The CNG Services Hub will also be open to the members of the public.

By the end of 2015, 25 per cent of Emterra’s fleet across Canada will be CNG-powered, making it one of the largest CNG fleets in Canada. Emterra will also have a network of four fuelling stations across Canada that is open to the public.

Reducing Emissions and Noise Pollution

Embracing CNG technology not only means mitigating the environmental impact of Emterra’s operations but it also benefits the communities we serve. CNG trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20 per cent and operate at 90% reduced engine sound, significantly lowering noise pollution, which can be a nuisance to residents and businesses. The noise from one idling diesel truck is comparable to the noise from 10 idling natural gas trucks!

Why use CNG?

  • Cleaner burning than diesel by as much as 30%, based on 2007 emission standards.
  • More economical than diesel by as much as 60% of the cost per Diesel Gallon Equivalent when produced by end users.
  • Maintenance costs may be lower than today’s diesel engines. Today’s CNG engines are 2010 EPA certified and require no urea or diesel particulate filters.

Biodiesel Trucks

In the Region of Niagara, Ontario, our fleet of 70 trucks has been running on biodiesel since 2011. Biodiesel is a biodegradable, clean-burning fuel that replaces traditional diesel. It can be made from renewable sources such as canola, soybeans, animal fats, other natural oils, and greases. According to the National Biodiesel Board, it’s less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar!

20% 7,100L = 20.43 tonnes CO2 v 24.77 = 4.34 tonnes of CO2 saved

20% 1,850,000L = 5325 tonnes CO2 v 6456 = 1,131 tonnes of CO2 saved

Our decision to use biodiesel for the entire fleet is driven by a strong commitment to creating green jobs and improving our environment.