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Our Partners' Words

Our Partners' Words

Nothing tells the story better than the words chosen by our customers and material buyers. Emterra is honoured that our efforts to deliver quality service and quality products are recognized and complimented by our partners. 

From our municipal clients

“Thank you to all of those who went the extra mile. I also want to tell you that Niagara Region staff have received many compliments regarding the placement of bins, placement of non-compliance stickers and the service in general. We very much appreciate Emterra’s extra effort in being flexible and accommodating, particularly during this first week period. I also want to convey my thanks to the management of Emterra, who have been working on this project over the past year. Your attention to details with respect to service levels and employees has been very much evident over the past week.” – Catherine Habermebl, Associate Director, Collection and Diversion Operations, Region of Niagara

“To date, IPI (dba Emterra) has met all the terms and conditions of the contract, and is providing excellent service to the residents of our region in a cost effective manner. Its management, in particular Mr. Ed Walsh, and staff have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and response to issues in the performance of the works.” – John Craveiro, AScT, Manager, Environmental Resource Management, Policy and Planning Environmental Sustainability, Capital Region District, Victoria, BC

“From the beginning I have been impressed with Emterra’s emphasis on waste diversion….They have proven to us repeatedly that they are committed to innovation, waste reduction, and their services have been delivered at a cost we can afford.” – Donald Jacquest, Director of Finance, Town of Comox, BC

From our markets

“Emterra Environmental…has provided recycled OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) and Mixed paper for the paper mill that meets and exceeds both ISRI (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.) and RockTenn quality specifications.” – David Speidel, Recycling Manager, RockTenn Company, St. Paul, Minnesota

“Halton Recycling’s excellence in material recycling operations makes ours’ a partnership of tremendous strength….Merlin Plastics (intends) to purchase 100% of the sorted plastics generated from your MRF. We look forward to participating with Halton Recycling and building upon the solid relationship existing between our companies for the past twenty years.” – Kevin Andrews, Merlin Plastics, Delta, BC

“America Chung Nam Inc. has been purchasing recovered paper from Halton Recycling dba Emterra Environmental for over 10 years. During that time we have formed a solid business relationship that is based on their dependability and their ability to provide us with a steady supply of high grade product.  Typically we purchase mixed paper, #8 news, #6 news and old corrugated cardboard from all of their material recovery facilities across Canada, but the majority of the tonnages we purchase come from their three single stream recycling facilities in Burlington, Ontario; Surrey, British Columbia; and Winnipeg, Manitoba…..Emterra has consistently provided us with recovered paper that meets these specifications.” – Peter Wang, CEO, America Chung Nam