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Our Management Team

Emterra Group - Environmental Waste Management Team

We make opportunities for, and take pride in, the broad diversification of our workforce and in our employees' on-going commitment to doing their jobs well.  Our company is undertaking a new phase of dynamic growth and playing a greater role in the communities and sectors we serve. Our employees share our ultimate goal which is to ensure that at the end of the day, our municipal and commercial customers, and our buyers, know they can trust Emterra’s people to deliver. 

Graham Wathen, VP of Operations, Ontario
Graham is responsible for the overall management and development of municipal material collection operations. He oversees the development of new business and implementation of major contracts, with a focus on initiatives that align best practices, policies and procedures and culture. 

Paulina Leung PhotoPaulina Leung, VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development
Paulina is responsible for driving Emterra’s growth. She knows the intricacies of municipal and commercial contracts because she oversees the development of contract bids and major contract implementations across the country. She also manages all external communications and marketing, government relations, corporate services, and corporate strategy. Paulina was also elected to the Recycling Council of Ontario’s Board of Directors.

Erica Seibert PhotoErica Seibert, VP of Corporate Development
Erica identifies opportunities and leads the development of new market initiatives and acquisitions. This ranges from due diligence activities to integration management. Her work ensures that Emterra’s continued growth is sound and effective. In addition, Erica continues to be responsible for the overall operations and management of Canadian Liquids Processors Ltd.

Ed Walsh PhotoEd Walsh, VP of Operations, British Columbia
Ed takes care of business development, implementing new contracts and setting priorities and procedures for the efficient operations of Emterra’s plants and the fleet in BC. With more than 25 years in the waste management industry, he applies his considerable experience to the job of ensuring that all BC municipal contracts are serviced to contract specifications and regulations. Mr. Walsh is a Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Certified Manager and Teacher of Collection Systems and the Director of the Pacific Northwest Chapter of SWANA.

Doris Wong PhotoDoris Wong, VP of Materials Marketing
Doris develops and maintains long-term, reliable markets throughout North America and the Pacific Rim. She ensures all recycle commodities are marketed at the highest value and end use, and best price.  Her experience as the operations manager of our North Vancouver material recovery facility has given her a strong understanding of both municipal and commercial customers’ -as well as buyers’ - requirements when it comes to resource recovery.

John Cassell PhotoJohn Cassell, General Manager, Emterra Tire Recycling
John leads the overall operations and management of Emterra Tire Recycling. This includes the development of business strategies in response to important changes in waste tire recycling regulations and stewardship in the province.